Wireless Car Charger

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This Men's Republic Wireless Car Phone Charger with Qi Technology is a beautifully designed device that makes charging your phone in the car that much easier. This stylish and fast 10w Qi wireless charger air vent holder will tightly secure your phone in car whilst charging so you can keep your eyes on the road. This wireless charger universally holds all mobile phones that utilise Qi technology. Finally, no more untangling or replacing wires!

• USB cable
• Standard: WPC/Qi 1.2.3
• Product material: ABS aluminum alloy
• Coil: 1 Coil
• Charging Type: Electro-magnetic induction
• Work Type :gravity and linkage design
• Charging distance: 3-8mm
• Working frequency: 110KHZ ? 205KHZ
• Power Input: 5V/2.0A;9V/1.8A;QC2.0/3.0
• Wireless Output: 5W?7.5W?10W
• For iPhone 8 and up or equivalent Android

    Colour: Black Fabric
    Product Length (cm): 8.5
    Product Width (cm): 8.5
    Product Height (cm): 7.5