Miniland Doll Clothes Light Romper Set Set | 38-42cm Doll

Miniland Doll Clothes Light Romper Set Set | 38-42cm Doll

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Miniland Doll Clothes - Light Jumpsuit Set | 38-42cm Doll features a pink and blue polka dot jumpsuit, yellow under shirt with orange trim and is accompanied by an adorable green and orange sun hat, to keep your Miniland doll cool on those warm sunny days. Made in Spain, Miniland Doll clothes and accessories feature a wide range of detail and are of the highest quality.

While Miniland doll outfits are certainly cute as a button, they are also educational in that they help small children to develop fine motor skills, while they learn to negotiate different types of buttons and zippers. Check out the rest of our beautiful range of Miniland outfits while you are here! 

Learning Opportunities: Imaginative Role Play – Social Skill Development – Sensory Awareness

Suitable for Ages: 3+ Years

Miniland Group produce educational doll collections to help children comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, respect for racial and sexual diversity. They hope in doing so they will encourage future generations to achieve their noblest dreams and make them a reality.