Reusable Travel Silicone Straw

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These Straws are great for the mover, the diner, the take-awayer and those who simply hate paying $15 for a smoothie and getting a paper straw... that tastes funky and crumbles in your drink in about 5 minutes (brain freeze). Each Essential Everywhere Straw you buy you remove over 500 single use straws from use. 

This is our Entry & Economy level straw which is also our kid and silly with straws adult friendly range! 

- New Design
Unlike stainless steel straws, the whole body of our collapsible straw is made of food grade silicone, so you won't feel too cold or hot when sipping. Non-toxic, no odour and dishwasher safe.
- Collapsible 
Thanks to the collapsible design, this durable straw can be folded into a small carry case, and it will automatically restore straight when you take it out.
- Easy to Clean
The cleaning brush is included in the carry case, you can get your straw clear and clean right away.

Our Suitable (for any situation) Straw comes in a white Suck It Up Case with a brush suitable for cleaning - and a option of a Navy Blue, Aqua or Pink.